What is The Kindergarten Club?

The Kindergarten Club is a daily full-time alternative to the public school kindergarten.

The K Club offers all the benefits of daily Kindergarten within the Pod model. Children come to school every day 9:00-3:00. Children (and their families) will be part of a Pod of approximately 12 children. They will learn, play and explore while we wait for schools to reopen in the usual way. Your child’s pod becomes part of your social bubble.

Who is running the club?

The club is a project of Rockridge Little School and Rockridge Community Center. There is a big open space in front, two bright open classrooms and a sunny yard in back. Prior to the shelter in place, RLS operated a preschool here. For now, preschoolers are attending the College and Taft Avenue locations.

Check out  Rockridge Community Center photos here.

The Guide to Kindergarten (from Scholastic: The Guide to Kindergarten)

“On the first day of kindergarten, your child officially becomes a student! It’s an exciting transition as young learners blend the playing, singing, and arts from preschool with more writing, reading, and math lessons. Kindergarteners get used to school routines, practice working together in groups to build teamwork and sharing skills — and learn how to be successful students for years to come.”

“Classrooms are organized by different subjects and various types of play. For example, a typical classroom may have areas for reading, arts and crafts, building and math toys, and “pretend play.” The school day is structured with time for free play (during which children can choose which centers to play in), and structured scheduled lessons devoted to each subject.”

Kids “in full-day kindergartens…generally excel in school. In addition, they develop strong social skills as they engage in more child-to-child interactions and develop their interpersonal skills. But here’s what’s especially exciting: By laying the right foundation for your child’s success in kindergarten, you can prime her [him] for accomplishing great academic strides for years to come.


In kindergarten, children begin to grow as independent readers and become more comfortable with reading, which is now part of their daily life. A kindergarten classroom is packed with words and labeled objects, and students read books, the day’s schedules, class letters, songs, and poems throughout the day.


In kindergarten, your child begins to truly grow as a writer. Kindergartners start to write words (often using their own creative or invented spellings) and may even write their own mini books and stories about their lives or what they’ve learned.


In most kindergarten classes, math is woven throughout the day’s activities, because it becomes more meaningful — particularly for young children — when it’s experienced in real-life contexts. This year, your kindergartner will go beyond simply counting numbers to understanding what they represent and actively using them to represent quantities.

Daily kindergarten math activities include learning numbers, counting, addition and subtraction, and learning concepts of time, measurement, and categorization. What’s more, playing with puzzles, building toys, blocks, and games allows kindergarteners to practice and build math skills in a fun, engaging way.


Very often, kindergarten teachers will give specific science lessons once to a few times a week. During this time, the class will learn about a certain topic — for example, water, weather, animals, plants, or nature — through the use of books, demonstrations with actual objects, explorations outside, or interactive activities.

What’s more, kindergartners are natural scientists as they play and explore the world around them with their curious minds. Science lessons typically overlap with math and literacy as kindergarten teachers use tools such as books and graphs to help students learn. Since specific science topics presented in a kindergarten class vary across schools, find out which topics your child will be learning about, then explore and learn about them using the book checklist below.

Social Studies:

In a kindergarten classroom, social studies learning occurs throughout the day, beginning with a class meeting (often called “morning meeting” or “circle time”) at the start of the day. During this time, many classes review the calendar and the weather, the number of days of school so far, and any other “class news” for the day. Students may also share their own news during this time.

Social studies learning continues throughout the day as kindergartners follow classroom rules and build their social skills, interacting with each other and practicing sharing, taking turns, and working together, all of which ultimately helps them become successful students and classroom citizens. Most kindergarten teachers in the United States also help children learn about the community outside their home and the American holidays.


How will you keep my child safe?

I know you didn’t want to squash the joy, but in the time of COVID, it must be asked. Read our COVID section for more info about our safety plan.

Can I request pod-mates?

Yes! Our goal is to group friends and neighbors together. If you don’t already know families in the K Club, you will get to know them very well. Your pod is your bubble.

Will there be field trips?

Yup. Picnics in the park, nature walks and visits to the beautiful places in our community will be a part of our daily life together.

Is this the same as Kindergarten?

Yes and no. We think it’s better. Kids are natural learners and kindergarten is the time to introduce academics in a new way. Social connections, warm relationships and play are the best paths to learning. Rather than relying on statewide mandates, we will follow research and best practices to create something even better.

Can I keep my enrollment at my child’s school?

Yes. We will work with you, your child’s teacher and their home school to support dual enrollment. Your child will be able to return to school with their peers.

Do I need to sign up for the whole year?

No. You may sign up for a month at a time. Current students will have priority to enroll for future months.

What is the cost?

$2,400 per month. There is a one-time $2,400 non-refundable enrollment fee to reserve your space. After that, tuition is due on the 1st of each month. Please give us at least 30-days notice if you plan to withdraw.

What is the schedule?

Monday-Friday 9:00-3:00. We will add an after-care program if there is a need.

What is a typical student’s daily schedule?

9:00-9:30 Welcome Circle

9:30-10:30 Creative project learning

10:30-11:00 Group learning (teacher lead)

11:00-12:00 Outdoors activities (free play, nature walks, outings)

12:00-12:30 Teacher-lead reading and writing

12:30-1:00 Lunch

1:00-2:00 Group table learning (teacher lead)

2:00-3:00 Music, dance, instruments and other arts

Where is the K Club located?

We are at the Rockridge Community Center. The center was started last year as a project of Rockridge Little School. There is a bright sunny yard, open airy classrooms and a huge open space with tables and chairs, a full kitchen, piano, Ping-Pong table and more. Did anyone say cooking projects?

Is this too good to be true?

Well, for the kids it is a lucky break. The Community Center was designed for adults. We were hosting concerts, retreats, art shows and so much more. That came to a screeching halt on March 15th. So here we are. We have a large welcoming space; kids need a place to learn together.

How do I sign up?

The first step is to sign up for a social distancing tour. If you like what you see, you can submit an application online.

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